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Tips for Finding the Right Brentwood Psychiatric Services
April 6, 2023 at 7:00 AM
Tips for Finding the Right Brentwood Psychiatric Services

More so now than ever, people are seeking out treatment options for their mental health issues. That’s due in part to advancements in the field as well as the emotional and psychological toll the COVID-19 lockdowns had on many of us.

However, if you’ve never searched for Brentwood psychiatric services, knowing where to start can seem overwhelming in its own right. That’s why we’ve created this simple guide to what you should look for to ensure you get the care you deserve.

Questions to ask before choosing a Brentwood Psychiatric service provider.

Are they taking new patients?

Some people have the misconception that the mental health treatment industry can seem like a money grab, which is why many are surprised to learn that many experts simply won’t take any new patients. A reputable psychiatrist understands that each patient requires careful time and attention, so they only have the bandwidth to accept a set amount within their schedule. Before you set your mind on a particular provider, ensure they have an open capacity to get you in for treatment.

Are they within your budget?

Paying for your Brentwood psychiatric services shouldn’t be another weight on your mental health, so you should always make sure your provider lies within your budget. You can often find the costs for the services you want listed online, or you can contact the provider directly. One thing to remember is that the cost you see may not be the exact price you have to pay. Many times, psychiatric services can be covered by health insurance. If you think your insurance might cover some of the costs, you can reach out directly to them to find an in-network provider.

Does their specialty match your needs?

Many psychiatric service providers tend to focus their practice on one or a set number of mental health problems. Some providers focus on emotional issues like anxiety and depression, while others serve mainly as couple’s counselors or provide therapy to younger individuals. It’s helpful to know exactly what type of help you need, because then, you can narrow your search to a provider who has experience in that specific focus. Doing so gives your therapy treatments the best chance to succeed.

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Do they only offer one treatment option?

Much like having a specialized group they focus on, some psychiatric providers rely on an individual or set number of treatment options. Common methods include talk therapy and prescribing medications, but despite their widespread use, these aren’t the only effective treatment options. The more the profession learns about mental health, experts have discovered new methodologies that might work better for you. If you find a provider with multiple services, you could receive more effective treatment.

Do they have the right credentials?

Before entrusting your mental health treatments to just anyone, you should always inquire into what qualifies them to serve as your psychiatrist. While it’s always best to have someone with a degree in the field and the right certifications, you should also dig a bit deeper. Ask for testimonials from former clients and check their reviews on popular online sites. This demonstrates not just that they have the proper education, but that other individuals have had a good and successful experience with them.

Are you searching for a Brentwood psychiatric service provider?

Then come work with the team of compassionate psychiatrists at the Bella Chase Center for Health. With a convenient location in Brentwood, we strive to provide a calm and friendly environment along with the latest medical technology for your mental health. We’ll work with you to personalize a treatment option based on your unique needs so you can get back to enjoying life the way you deserve.

Learn more about our mental health center online, or contact us to see if we’re the right fit for you.

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